“I’ve made my closest mom friends through this group and my son has made his best buddies. These are real genuine relationships that will always be part of my life. They’re my village. All because of this website.”

— Bing S.


“My number one piece of advice to any new mom is to find a network of women and connect. Having the opportunity to ask questions and to be vulnerable without judgment was life-changing. I have so many friends who felt completely isolated as they transitioned to motherhood. With this site, I felt supported by women who really understood my experience, during one of the most challenging times in my life. And as a bonus, I have made dear friends for myself and my daughter.”

— Lizzy F.


“It’s hard to explain the combination of fear and love that you feel when you become a first-time mom. Knowing that I am not alone and that I have this network of ladies going through a similar experience is beyond comforting.”

—Veronique L.


“A network like this connects you with people who are experiencing the same thing as you — up all hours balancing baby, partner, work, health and self. Their feedback is unbiased, their words of encouragement are priceless, and their ability to relate is unmatched.”

—Shareen B.


“I joined because I was desperate to find moms in the same boat as me: tired, overwhelmed, in love, and clueless. I would count down the days until our next meet-up. Two years later, they’re still the ones I go to for advice, a shoulder to cry on, or just an ear to listen to.”

— Caroline W.


“It’s a safe space with people that understand – and that tone comes from this site. There’s an active presence and participants in the community here, and they share from their soul so that we all can too.”

— Maureen R.