Choose the best onesie – here’s how!

We know that the Internet is filled with dozens upon dozens of adult onesie models. That’s why we will help you know which onesie to choose, the one that’s best for you.

When choosing a onesie, it’s not all about an interesting design. You need to consider multiple things, like the fabric you want, if you want a hood or not, or do you want integral feet, or matching socks. Another thing to pay attention to is size. You don’t want your onesie to be too big or too small. For instance, we offer several adult sizes for our onesie models. So, before you buy, check your size.

Here are the most important things to pay attention to when buying a onesie:

*The fabric

The quality and the feel of your onesie depends completely on the material. So, read carefully and skip onesies that aren’t 100% polar fleece or 100% cotton. Cotton onesies are great for the summer, while polar fleece is the perfect onesie for the winter period. Both of these materials are simple for maintenance, and will not shrink, as long as you follow the instructions on their labels.

If you like sleeping in your onesie, and your place is warm enough, a cotton onesie will be a good choice. However, if you want to wear a onesie as a costume, to a ski trip, or to lounge around on cold days, polar fleece is what we would go with.

*Hood or no hood

Most onesies come with hoods for additional warmth. Also, most of them have interesting details on those hoods, making them extra interesting. That means that you can sleep in them, lounge in them, or even go shopping in them. However, if you don’t like having or wearing a hood, it’s not a problem, there are models without them as well. You can choose between these two if ever you decided to give onesies for babies.

*Slipper socks or footed onesies?

To help you choose the model you like best, we offer both footed and unfooted onesies here. However, from our experience, unfooted onesies are a better choice. Why? Well, we realized that feet on footed onesies get quite dirty and smelly rather quickly. You might even feel like you’re constantly having to wash your onesie.

Another flaw of footed onesies is that the feet get holes or tears in time. Not to mention that you don’t want a footed pajama in your bed.

So, when picking, consider what you want to use your onesie for. If you plan to use it as loungewear, the footed option is ok, but if you want to sleep in it, unfooted is better.


Forget all about usual sizes, that simply doesn’t work with onesies, as sizing is unisex. That means that if you take our Medium, it will fit a medium person – which means it will be a bit smaller for a man, and a bit larger for a woman. You can always check sizing charts to make sure you picked the size that’s best for you, but bear in mind that a onesie should be baggy, loose-fitting.

*Additional features

Do you want buttons or a zipper? Buttons are simple, while zippers are stronger.

Check if cuffs and ankles are ribbed – this provides extra comfort.

If you don’t want to take off the entire onesie to go to the loo, take a onesie with a butt flap.

If you like putting your hands in your pockets, take a model that has nice, handy, deep pockets.

Well, we helped as much as we could, the rest is up to you! Browse around, and we bet you’ll find a onesie you’ll love here!